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Honestly, I’m in no mood to write about my weekend at the moment. This might seem petty, but I’m telling it anyway.

In my Pokémon SoulSilver game I’m currently trying to evolve my Tyrogue into a Hitmonlee. All the money I have to collect to get the vitamins I need. Uuuuugh. Takes forever.

Drawing late tonight


I had like 12 hours today, where I could’ve finished a drawing I’m working on. Instead, 90% that time went to Pokémon breeding.

I was only planning on breeding a Totodile with a jolly nature on HeartGold for SoulSilver. I got it, yes, but now I have almost 3 boxes full of Totodiles. It took about 4 hours or so.

Now I hope I can at least finish the rough colouring before bed.

I Test-Played The 3DS Today


It was after I picked up some DS games I ordered yesterday (Pkmn W, Pkmn SS, FF3) I tried my hands at a test level of Super Mario 3D Land.

The little circle d-pad was kinda slow to use, but I guess it’s something to get used to. The game looks gorgeous, like they always do with Mario. The 3D works, but you have to be in the exact middle or it feels a bit sickening.

I suppose 3D while on the public transport will result in nausea then.