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Pokémon X and Y first impressions


The name of the game: It’s most definitely a nod to chromosomes, and I’m quite intrigued about what they will do with it.
The starters: A grass chipmunk/gopher/thing named Chespin, a fire fox named Fennekin, and a water frog named Froakie. All of them look “Pokémon”, Sugimori is still designing. Though I need to see their evolutions before I pick one. Also, all of the starters may or may not have unusual secondary natures, but this is not confirmed.

The legendaries: A Y-bird which reminds me of the bird from Wind Waker, and a deer which looks really badass (I love deer horns). With the chromosome theme there is a possibility these two might be gendered.

The graphics: I have played Pokémon XD, so 3D Pokémon is nothing new to me. XD has a fixed camera, but X and Y has a 3rd person perspective. It would be cool if you could enter a first person perspective too. I’d also like to add that Pokémon will never look super-crisp and pretty (like Skyrim or Mass Effect), because it wouldn’t fit.

So far, I’m very interested and excited for what generation 6 will bring.