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My 2012 Pokeddex Challenge


Pokeddex is a challenge I found on tumblr, and it requires you to draw one pokémon every day in december. I did it in 2012, and 2013. Both years I posted all the artwork on my tumblr, but I’d like to show it on here too (’cause it’s a lot of work I made that I’m content with).

So I’ll post one picture per day (from the 2012 challenge), with a comment, starting tomorrow.

Pokémon-related rant


I should be sleeping, but I need to get this off my chest first. So apologies if this seems a bit scattered (or very rambly).

So, I finished the Diamond and Pearl series of the anime, and have now seen the first two episodes of the Best Wishes series. The transition into the new series was very abrupt I thought. The other series’ transitions were much smoother as I recall. It’s like, all of a sudden Ash, Oak, and Delia fly to Unova for “research” (just look at Oak’s outfit). Then all of a sudden scumbag-Zekrom visits Nuvema (twice) and starts shooting lightning everywhere, causing Pikachu to become “electricity-sick” again (it’s like the third or fourth time). So when Ash battles his new obvious rival Trip, despite the fact that there’s something wrong with Pikachu, Ash doesn’t stop the battle for obvious reasons and loses to a newbie Snivy.

I hate that Ash acts like a derp, and doesn’t mention he’s been travelling for like a billion years and has been in four conferences and conquered the Kanto Battle Frontier. He acts like he’s new to everything, which is not how he acted in the other series when coming to a new region. The narrator tells us in the first episode that Ash is still ten years old, which is total bullcrap and I don’t believe that at all because passing of time has been mentioned at least three times so far in the series.

I have to say though, that I am very pumped and excited for the new series. Probably because the previous series lasted almost 200 episodes, and a fresh start is always nice. The new Team Rocket is very intriguing, they won’t blast off anymore though. Time to get serious and shit, with this distinctly different region. The new style of the character doesn’t bother me, though the attack effects doesn’t look as fast and sleek like they did in the previous series. They seem kinda too flashy and slow, but I can get used to that. As I have to get used to the first series without Brock (Orange Islands doesn’t count since that was only one season, and part of the Original Series).

The Diamond and Pearl series was very sparkly (mostly due to Brock). I have seen a few BW episodes before. I saw the one that introduced the fabulous Burgh, and the episode about Iris’ Excadrill (which is the one episode which pretty much made me like Excadrill). The BW series will also be the series I haven’t watched bits of on TV previously. I watched almost all of the Original Series, most of Advanced Generation, and a little bit of Diamond and Pearl, dubbed to Swedish on weekend mornings on TV.

I think I’ve said the things I wanted to say. Lastly, I have to admit, when Piplup cried in the last DP episode – so did I.

Tobias in the Pokémon Anime


I think Tobias is a big cheating poopyhead with his legendaries. Although, I do understand why he’s so overpowered. They blew all of the season’s budget on the three episode epic battle between Ash and Paul, so they had to wrap things up with a kinda humiliating losing battle in one episode. At least Tyson in the Ever Grande Conference was likeable and had a badass Meowth wearing boots and a hat.

Pokémon X and Y first impressions


The name of the game: It’s most definitely a nod to chromosomes, and I’m quite intrigued about what they will do with it.
The starters: A grass chipmunk/gopher/thing named Chespin, a fire fox named Fennekin, and a water frog named Froakie. All of them look “Pokémon”, Sugimori is still designing. Though I need to see their evolutions before I pick one. Also, all of the starters may or may not have unusual secondary natures, but this is not confirmed.

The legendaries: A Y-bird which reminds me of the bird from Wind Waker, and a deer which looks really badass (I love deer horns). With the chromosome theme there is a possibility these two might be gendered.

The graphics: I have played Pokémon XD, so 3D Pokémon is nothing new to me. XD has a fixed camera, but X and Y has a 3rd person perspective. It would be cool if you could enter a first person perspective too. I’d also like to add that Pokémon will never look super-crisp and pretty (like Skyrim or Mass Effect), because it wouldn’t fit.

So far, I’m very interested and excited for what generation 6 will bring.

Drawing late tonight


I had like 12 hours today, where I could’ve finished a drawing I’m working on. Instead, 90% that time went to Pokémon breeding.

I was only planning on breeding a Totodile with a jolly nature on HeartGold for SoulSilver. I got it, yes, but now I have almost 3 boxes full of Totodiles. It took about 4 hours or so.

Now I hope I can at least finish the rough colouring before bed.

I miss them already


I just started watching season 9 of Pokémon, which is Battle Frontier. Basically a filler season where the group runs around in Kanto and does stuff. I have no problem with filler seasons or episodes, but that’s not what I’m going to talk about.

With season 9, the dubbing changed company from 4Kids to Pokémon USA, and all the main characters changed voice actors. It sucks now, but it’s actually just a matter of getting used to it. I remember it took a while for me to get adjusted to the second Meowth. I think the voice actors I’ll miss the most are Brock and Team Rocket, they were just so perfect. But I did think the new James did a good job in the episode where he had to part with his Chimecho. Also, Corphish’s new voice just sounds… wrong.

In Fallout mood


I apologize for my absence. At the moment I’m much in the mood for Fallout 3, and character building.

Character building is basically where I spend hours on planning to the smallest detail. I’m attempting to translate my dunmer and altmer from Oblivion into the Fallout universe. I’m carefully selecting the perks I want.

It’s not just Bethesda games I plan for, I did it first with Pokémon. I’ve probably spent 20+ hours on building Pokémon teams.

Anyway, I’ll most likely write something Fallout 3 related on Friday, and as usual two chapters on the weekend (unless the internet craps out again).

Pokémon Black and White versions 2


Info has been leaked about the upcoming Black/White 2 games. Here’s my first impression:


  • More than native Unova pokémon are accessible.
  • It’s a sequel, set two years after Black/White.
  • The scenery has changed (like the road between Nimbasa and Castelia is finished, and ice has spread throughout the region).
  • A poison gym leader named Homika. There hasn’t been one since Koga/Janine in Kanto.
  • Shizui, he’s a water gym leader, and is dark-skinned.


  • The hairstyles of the protagonists (and the clothes too) are stupid. But then again, I flippin’ hated Hilda’s style initially but now I really like it. So this point may change.
  • The rival. Childhood friend, wages on pokémon strength. It’s been done before (Blue, Barry, Cheren). At least his outfit is better than the protagonists’. Oh, and why not a female rival?
  • You won’t continue as Hilbert/Hilda.