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Why I disappeared for a while – a ramble


Short story: I returned to playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, after not playing it for three days. The story in the game was so good I simply had to play like crazy to get to a good point to stop at.

Spoilers for SWTOR, if you care about that. I just have to vent and ramble for a bit.
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Fallout 2 pickpocketers


Just a short little whining post from me, late at night.

I’ve played, and enjoyed, 11 hours of Fallout 2 so far, but I noticed that I kept losing my rubber boots that you need to prevent growing more toes. So here I am at 11 hours, about to purchase the Highwayman car because I finally have enough money. Then I notice the important machine part I picked up in Klamath Falls is nowhere to be found in my inventory, the machine part I need to have along with the money to get the car.

After some quick Google-research, I find out that the little shithead children in the Den pickpocket your stuff whenever you pass them by. When I realized that, the frustration rushed over me so intensely I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep without thinking about it all the time and being pissy about it. I looked into how to somehow stop the bastards from stealing from you, and the options I might consider are either punching them once or killing one of their fences.

You can also, hilariously, let them steal explosives from you causing them to explode. Though that would brand you a child killer, a status you can never get rid of. I can’t continue on the save file I have, because the only other part I need is in another town, way beyond the Den, which will take ages to go there and back.

For me, the only option is to start a new game. I don’t know if I’ll do it now or later. There are some major mixed feelings I feel about the thought of starting a new game. On the one hand, there’s my will fueled by frustration and wanting to do other choices. On the other hand, there’s major exhaustion just thinking about all the stuff I did in vain. I wonder why I didn’t become alarmed when I first noticed the machine part were no longer in my inventory.

It was nice to put my frustration/whining into words, and I think I’ll just sleep it off. Good night.

Skyrim’s main storyline


So, last week I finished the main storyline of Skyrim, and I thought I’d state some thoughts on it.

The storyline as a whole felt very grand, like you were the centre of the event of the century. Though the ending was a bit odd, because I thought with Alduin dead as a doornail I could become friends with all the dragons, but nope. I blame Bethesda’s Fallout games for making me think that way, since they have the closed endings (not Fallout 3 if you have Broken Steel). It would be cruel too, to prevent access to dragon souls after completing the main story so I guess dragons actually likes burning everything.

Speaking of dragons, I did not kill Paarthunax, and that is simply because I like him more than the Blades (despite them being pretty cool in Oblivion). During the meeting between all the big people, I thought Ulfric was being very whiny (“Fair negotiation? What’s that good for?”). Which is why, once I go back to playing in june, I’ll side with the Imperials just to spite him. Hehehe. Lastly, I thought Sovngarde reminded me a bit of Mankar Camoran’s Paradise from Oblivion, with the “dreamy/otherworldly” feel about it.

Skyrim talk some time soon


So I played a lot of Skyrim this week, when I was at home with my desktop, and I’d like to talk a bit about my experiences with things in the game… some time soon. At the moment of writing this I’m too tired due to 5 hours of train travelling, and I should shower soon and get to bed at a decent time… bla di blah. So this coming week I’ll write some things, just so you know.

Something minor that bothers me


I think I’m on the way of getting a cold, which would be the first time this year unless I’ve repressed the memory of one. I had a slight throat-burn yesterday. Today I have several bothers in my mouth, probably really small blisters. They make my mouth cavity feel smaller, which pisses me off and causes me to clench my jaw unintentionally. It also feels like there is food stuck in several places.



I just now remembered that Dead Space 3 is coming out this thursday, which I have had pre-ordered since last year. My laptop could probably handle the game, but I don’t have the time for it at the moment. Which means it will probably won’t be played until summer. Maybe in april when I go home, but then I really would like to finish Skyrim instead. Oh well, first world problems.

Pokémon-related rant


I should be sleeping, but I need to get this off my chest first. So apologies if this seems a bit scattered (or very rambly).

So, I finished the Diamond and Pearl series of the anime, and have now seen the first two episodes of the Best Wishes series. The transition into the new series was very abrupt I thought. The other series’ transitions were much smoother as I recall. It’s like, all of a sudden Ash, Oak, and Delia fly to Unova for “research” (just look at Oak’s outfit). Then all of a sudden scumbag-Zekrom visits Nuvema (twice) and starts shooting lightning everywhere, causing Pikachu to become “electricity-sick” again (it’s like the third or fourth time). So when Ash battles his new obvious rival Trip, despite the fact that there’s something wrong with Pikachu, Ash doesn’t stop the battle for obvious reasons and loses to a newbie Snivy.

I hate that Ash acts like a derp, and doesn’t mention he’s been travelling for like a billion years and has been in four conferences and conquered the Kanto Battle Frontier. He acts like he’s new to everything, which is not how he acted in the other series when coming to a new region. The narrator tells us in the first episode that Ash is still ten years old, which is total bullcrap and I don’t believe that at all because passing of time has been mentioned at least three times so far in the series.

I have to say though, that I am very pumped and excited for the new series. Probably because the previous series lasted almost 200 episodes, and a fresh start is always nice. The new Team Rocket is very intriguing, they won’t blast off anymore though. Time to get serious and shit, with this distinctly different region. The new style of the character doesn’t bother me, though the attack effects doesn’t look as fast and sleek like they did in the previous series. They seem kinda too flashy and slow, but I can get used to that. As I have to get used to the first series without Brock (Orange Islands doesn’t count since that was only one season, and part of the Original Series).

The Diamond and Pearl series was very sparkly (mostly due to Brock). I have seen a few BW episodes before. I saw the one that introduced the fabulous Burgh, and the episode about Iris’ Excadrill (which is the one episode which pretty much made me like Excadrill). The BW series will also be the series I haven’t watched bits of on TV previously. I watched almost all of the Original Series, most of Advanced Generation, and a little bit of Diamond and Pearl, dubbed to Swedish on weekend mornings on TV.

I think I’ve said the things I wanted to say. Lastly, I have to admit, when Piplup cried in the last DP episode – so did I.



Last night was the worst night in a long while. I had the most disgusting throat burn, which lasted until today when I ate a good amount of ice cream. While going to the store to buy food I felt like hurling everywhere, and my voice was so tiny when I said no to a receipt. There’s only a few drops left in my cough medicine bottle. This sucks so much. I want to punch this cold in the face. Or something like that. If it lasts longer than Wednesday I will go insane.

State of mind and body at the moment


I am most definitely coming down with a cold. I’ve got all the typical symptoms; the throat feeling like ass, the runny nose and sense of smell going haywire whenever I smell something strong. This is disappointing because I had a milder case of common cold back in September, and one cold per half-winter is usually the standard for me.

This will most likely halt the progress of the commissioned animation I’m working on at the moment. I’m already behind (by like two weeks) so this is very frustrating.

Depending on the state of me, I will go work either tomorrow or on Sunday. Because I have a lunch in the fridge and I’m not certain it will last until Monday.

I wanted to make cupcakes this weekend, but I guess that’s not happening.

In other news, I miss being able to play a select few games. My urge to play Fallout: New Vegas is still present from the last time I was home, but the urge to play the other games in the series is slowly growing too. Yesterday I spent way too much time in the Vault Wiki reading about The Master and F.E.V. This slowly growing urge is a good thing I think, because it makes it easier for me to pick a game once I go home in late December.

I’m also starting to miss Star Wars: The Old Republic. I got a mail today from them saying I now have 100 virtual currency (can’t remember the name) because I’m such a loyal member. Huh. In December, the game will have been out for a year. By then I’ve had it for a year. Six months went by before I could install it, and it’s been about five months since I last played. Another seven months will have to go by before I can play again. There’s no point in buying another game time card when you’re only home for a week. I know there’s a free-to-play option by now, but I’d rather spend money to get everything available. I really like SWtOR, I think it deserves my money. The next time I play I think I’ll only play one character at a time, and not half-rushing like I did before.

This has been a late evening rambling by me with a cold.

Late night post about games


So I’m home right now, where my lovely desktop is plus stable and fast internet. The evening I arrived, which was saturday, I went on a shopping spree on Steam.

I purchased; Fallout Collection (with 1,2, and Tactics), Fallout 3 GotYE, Hearthfire and that other one (DLC for Skyrim), Left for Dead 1+2 (they were on sale), McPixel and Limbo.

A problem has surfaced though, which sounds really petty now that I think of it. I can’t pick one game and stick to it for more than an hour. I want to play everything, in every combination. Though Limbo and Fallout 1 are going quite well. Limbo can be frustrating at a few parts, but it looks beautiful. Fallout 1 has great atmosphere, but I feel like I’m wasting so much time in the game on wondering what the hell I’m supposed to do. If you don’t know, in the first Fallout game you have 150 days to find a water chip for your vault. The way the game is played is something I must get used to too. It’s turn-based, with a lot of text to read. It looks like it’s from 1997, with no settings for graphics, because it is from 1997. I’m getting StarCraft vibes from it, it’s actually gorier than StarCraft too. Probably because I set the gore to its highest. Also, the game shits itself during cutscenes, because of the way colors are handled.