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My One Hit Wonders – Divine


I first read about this song in the paper in 2008, when the Eurovision Song Contest was around the corner. The columnist said that this song, France’s entry, was his favourite because it was so different and against the typical Eurovision schlager and ballads that are the usual contestants. Even though I’d never heard the song before, I was rooting for it, but it didn’t win. Around the time, I think, there was a commercial for Renault airing on TV that used the song. I didn’t know it was Divine, but the song was great nevertheless. I don’t remember how I got the sniff about the song again, it could have been the paper again or a forum, I don’t know for sure. But once I watched the song in the finals on YouTube I was hooked.

Normally I prefer the studio version over any live version in music, but in this case I absolutely adore the live version. Entering the stage in a golf car, back-up singers in fake beards and hair, inhaling helium from an inflated globe, Sébastien’s voice cracking a few times… What’s not to love? The melody is catchy and fun, even though I can’t understand most of the lyrics.

Divine was France’s entry to the ESC 2008, sung and performed by Sébastien Tellier. Apparently it caused some controversy because most of the lyrics are in English, it was even brought up in the French parliament according to Wikipedia (Strange, since all of Sweden’s entries to the ESC have changed their lyrics from Swedish to English, although that doesn’t generate more points in most of the cases). Tellier is an established musician since 9 years, so he’s not like Baltimora.

It doesn’t matter if I have the live version or the studio version, both of them are awesome and therefore, Divine is one of my One Hit Wonders.