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Render drawings


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about character creating in Skyrim, mostly which side in the civil war my evil altmer, Arrille, would pick. While rendering some files last Friday, I drew him, and my good dunmer Siadrys. Because rendering takes a while.



The good, the bad, and Uni Steel


More Fallout rambling here.

I recently came to the conclusion that with all the insane preparation I’ve made for playing New Vegas, I have three characters to play with.

The good you may recognize, because I’ve featured her before, is Siadrys Varilo. I had trouble getting her into the game in the cosmetic way, since elf ears, red eyes, and black skin are unavailable in a vanilla New Vegas game (not that I want mods anyway). Instead I went with “what would she look like if she was human?”. Siadrys (in the Fallout universe) is charismatic, her primary weapons is the shotgun and rifles good for sniping, and all of her actions are almost always good.

The bad is Arrille Culumarie, an altmer from Oblivion, because I play the good guy too often. He is quite cold, greedy, power-hungry, and prefers pistols as his weapon of choice. In comparison, Arrille has the brains while Siadrys has the brawns. Also, both of them are sneakers because that’s the way I prefer to play New Vegas (and 3).

Now the last is Uni Steel. She (or he if I wanted it) can be anything I want her to be. As soon as I’ll start playing New Vegas again, she’s the one I’ll play. She’ll gamble like crazy, and obliterate her enemies with her fists. The only thing about her that is consistent throughout all of her versions is her notable red hair, and the name of course.

And that’s about it… for now.

Murders in Cyrodiil


I played Oblivion for the second time since February today.

I decided to just run through quests with none of the in-character feelings I usually have (because it had been so long since last playing, I didn’t remember most of the stuff I had done).

So I mostly did main quest stuff, and joined the Dark Brotherhood. It’s the DB stuff I want to talk a bit about.

In these open world rpgs (Fallout 3+NV included), I love to sneak around and kill stuff. The sneaking is kind of broken in Oblivion, but stealth killing humanoids is still quite easy. Sneaking is what you do a lot of in the DB side quests, where you act as an assassin. I love that all of the killings I’ve made so far are not all the same.

There’s this one time where you have to loosen the straps on a Minotaur head hanging over your victim’s favourite chair, while he’s sitting in it. Another time is where you have to kill everyone in the sanctuary you’ve gotten so many quests in, and I discovered the fantastic way of killing with poisoned apples. Yet another time you get to kill a retired imperial officer, who’s taking a swim, with a special arrow and later put his severed finger+ring into his successor’s desk.

I love that you get to kill the dunmer you meet at the beginning of the game. I love that you lock yourself in in a manor with five people and systematically kill them off one by one, making them become extremely paranoid against each other.

With this side quest, you can play assassin to a full extent. I took great pleasure in shanking people in their beds.

The only thing I regret, is that the character I played with (Siadrys, my dunmer bard), would most probably not join the Dark Brotherhood.

My house in Cheydinhal


This is my house in Cheydinhal, Cyrodiil (from the game The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion). I decorated it the best I could. Oh, and all the furnishing upgrades have been purchased.

From the entrance, to the right we have nothing interesting ‘cept for these Varla stones you can find in Ayleid ruins.

To the left is the dinner table, where today’s dinner is human hearts with sweet rolls for dessert.

A zoom out of the left part of the first floor.

Next to the fireplace, where I stacked all those tan services on my own. Plus, Welkynd stones (24) and baskets stocked with lettuce and apples.

Poisoned apples.

The desk where I stash all my notes.

Upstairs, the first thing you see is my storage corner. Here I stash gems and booze.

Kitchen area. Nothing special here. Bread.

A small seating area with glitching shelves (I swear I lost a soul gem to the left one), so not much is stored there.

Big hole over the entrance, yay for shortcuts.

Bedroom. Drawer for clothes and cabinet for books. The ayleid statue there can initiate a quest if I sell it, but I’d rather sell the next one I come across.

Bookcase with books I bothered to stack and a skeleton I carried around for over 15 levels.

Bed! Plus another Varla stone.

Bonus! This is the woman who owns the house, the Dunmer Siadrys Varilo. She’s sort of my default fantasy PC, originating from Neverwinter Nights 2 (where she was a bard).