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Time for a change


So, for the past 2 weeks or so, my cell phone’s battery had been crapping out. It’s a Sony Ericsson w850i, by the way. I decided to open the back of it to see what type of battery it had, so that I could get a new one. It took a long time, with the help of some tools to pry the lid open. Turns out, the battery was quite swollen. And by taking the lid off the battery can now never fit again, even if I put the lid back on.

Now I need a new phone. I got to borrow an old pokéball phone from my dad, until I get something permanent. I think it’s time to upgrade phones anyway, it’s been about six years.

In Fallout mood


I apologize for my absence. At the moment I’m much in the mood for Fallout 3, and character building.

Character building is basically where I spend hours on planning to the smallest detail. I’m attempting to translate my dunmer and altmer from Oblivion into the Fallout universe. I’m carefully selecting the perks I want.

It’s not just Bethesda games I plan for, I did it first with Pokémon. I’ve probably spent 20+ hours on building Pokémon teams.

Anyway, I’ll most likely write something Fallout 3 related on Friday, and as usual two chapters on the weekend (unless the internet craps out again).

Two chapters later today


Soon it’s 2am here, it’s a bit too late to post chapters. I do have two written though, will try to get those over with as soon as I wake from sleep (I’d say in 8 or 9 hours), so I can get back to the oh so time consuming thing called the Heroes VI campaign. Also, I need to pay for my Mass Effect 3 that’s in another city, yay!

A year of Faunts


I only recently realized that I’ve been listening to the Canadian band Faunts for little over a year now.

It was back in January when I had sent my graphic card for repairs (and in return I got a slightly newer but much more problematic one) and had to resort to the resident old near-death windows xp computer, where I played a ton of online picross.

The failed dish


I tried my hand at the scallop-dish I mentioned a while ago. It didn’t go as expected.

The problems:

  • I’m pretty sure the pan I used was too small, all the fluids in it more or less boiled the scallops instead of frying them as intended.
  • I burned the sauce, because I don’t want to stand and cook all through my lunch break.

How to make things better:

  • Don’t make this dish at school, take your time at home instead.

Even though the taste was kind of on-off I still have faith in it. When cooking I could smell the potential, even though I fucked up the scallops I could still taste something potentially awesome.

Also, there will be some time before I attempt this again (’cause scallops are expensive).