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Grilling fish



Grilled salmon for the first time, during sun, rain, and hail. Wow.
Served with potato salad, bread, green salad, and guacamole.

Me and the sun


My relationship with the sun is mostly avoidance. When I am outside I prefer to avoid direct sunlight (especially from 11-15), and like to stand in the shadows. One reason is that I like my complexion, another is that I can get these nasty headaches. I think it’s a combination of my brain boiling in the heat, and eyebrow-squints. Last week I got one of those, despite me wearing sunglasses whenever I go into squinting-light. At the moment I can’t protect my head because I didn’t bring any hats (shaving my head wasn’t in my thoughts in early April), so hoodie-hood will have to do for now.

Blistered Ear


I had something on my ear all day today and yesterday, I picked on it all the time but I never looked at it in the mirror. When I was waiting for the bath bus home I asked my mum what it was, and she said ‘blister’. ‘What? Nah..’ I thought. Well, I looked at it just now and it was a blister!

How the heck… I don’t even… Well yeah, I better have some ear protection when out painting from now on.

Workin’ & Murders


Right now I’m painting various walls and doors at my grandpa’s while frying under the hot sun. Which is why I’m not posting that lot right now.

Tomorrow I’m taking the bath bus for a day at the lake.

Oh, and the new Barnaby of Midsomer Murders is airing tonight. I’ll definitely say my thoughts on the performance.