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Some pokéstats


About like 8 or 9 hours ago I beat the Elite Four (for the first time) on Pokémon Platinum. Here is my team if someone is curious.

Renato – Male Togekiss – LVL 55 – Timid – Serene Grace
Air Slash – Fly – Shadow Ball – Aura Sphere

Burkhardt – Female Milotic – LVL 55 – Bold – Marvel Scale
Hydro Pump – Rain Dance – Ice Beam – Surf

Bernice – Female Mamoswine – LVL 55 – Jolly – Oblivious
Earthquake – Ice Fang – Ice Shard – Stone Edge

Zeleznik – Male Tangrowth – LVL 55 – Sassy – Chlorophyll
Sleep Powder – Power Whip – Solarbeam – Brick Break

Antonia – Female Ambipom – LVL 55 – Adamant – Technician
Double Hit – Aerial Ace – Fire Punch – Return

Fawn – Genderless Giratina – LVL 55 – Hardy – Pressure
Psychic – Thunder – Dragon Claw – Shadow Force

In Fallout mood


I apologize for my absence. At the moment I’m much in the mood for Fallout 3, and character building.

Character building is basically where I spend hours on planning to the smallest detail. I’m attempting to translate my dunmer and altmer from Oblivion into the Fallout universe. I’m carefully selecting the perks I want.

It’s not just Bethesda games I plan for, I did it first with Pokémon. I’ve probably spent 20+ hours on building Pokémon teams.

Anyway, I’ll most likely write something Fallout 3 related on Friday, and as usual two chapters on the weekend (unless the internet craps out again).