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Writing + puffs



Munching on chocolate puffs while writing a Sims chapter.


Pets & Showtime Adventures Part 1


The week before I went back to the Capital for further animation studies, I reintroduced my computer to The Sims 3. I took the opportunity to play a bit with Pets and Showtime (no other expansions were installed, by the way), and this is the result.
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Gene observation


This is perhaps quite pointless, but I want to do this anyway.

The Regnbåge Legacy, genes through heirs.

Eye colour: mint green – light blue – orange – dark green – dark green – dark green – dark green – light blue – light blue – dark brown – light blue

Hair colour: dirty blonde – dirty blonde – dirty blonde – black – black – black – black – black – dark purple – dark purple – dark purple

Skin colour: from pale pink to darker

Ears: regular – tiny – tiny – tiny – tiny – tiny – tiny – regular – regular – regular – regular

The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 85: So It Comes To An End


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