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And That Was That


Despite me forgetting to un-junction Thundaga on Squall and Irvine, it went fine. Omega is a wimp too, but not as much as Ultima.

Was it worth it then? Hell no! (I’ll make this into a gif btw)

The clock ran about 66 hours. That’s 12 more than when I finished the game the first time. All those 12 hours are probably grinding, drawing magic and Triple Triad.

Lastly, this is what I did because I lost a ton of progress in Final Fantasy VII. I still have to finish that game. As long as I don’t get a taste for FFIX again (which is tempting now that I think of it).

Breeding Is Bullshit


Chocobo-breeding. It’s such a busywork. Like the battle square, the Gold Saucer mini-games, morphing…

Even though Final Fantasy VII is a great game, it’s full of boring, unnecessary busywork.

I’m only breeding chocobos for Knights of the Round (’cause that summon is awesome). Will also try to defeat some superbosses (lookin’ forward to fight Emerald Weapon).

Also, I finally figured out how the stupid card game Triple Triad (FFVIII) works.