The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 14: Girls, Oh Girls


Last time; Chalcedony rambled a lot, Sofia was the first sim to die (for real) and we got to see a cute girl.

C14 Title Card

Steven has taken a break from drinking, and he painted a still life of Sofia’s urn.

The urn is quite beautiful, probably because it’s the best one you can get.


Gerbera: Haha! I’m in a legacy. And I’m taller that you! *Smirk*


Mortimer: Well at least I’m not a clone, like you!


Gerbera: Damn it! He’s right. But why is he so cute?

Mortimer Goth people. He’s one of my favourite premade sims. His nose.


Pollen. Ghost doctor.

I considered putting Pollen in the ghostbusting career (A ghostbusting ghost? Awesome!), but decided not to since she’s not the main focus anymore.

Chalce: I am. :D

An undead doctor is pretty cool too.


The main focus, the heir, Chalcedony has taken up inventing.


He’s already made a drinking llama.


Shark: Pyro! How did I get here? Why am I stuck in a hedge? Why are you out so late? I can’t remember my name!

Someone’s becoming senile~.


Oh hai Sofia!

Steven: Chicken… Zzz…

I had chicken today. It was tasty. :3


But enough about that, let’s meet the Mystery Girl.

It’s Sandi French!


Sandi: My name’s Sandi French. And my favourite food is French Toast. Fun, huh?


Sandi: You’re really cute. Despite the fact that you have no hair.


Chalce: You’re cute too. Would you like to go for a date later?

Sandi: Sure.


Chalce: *Brush-brush-brush* Must. Get. Teeth. Clean. For. Kissing.


Chalce: Where’s Sandi? Is she applying make-up or something? Because I like make-up.


Sandi comes home, very late. Where the heck was she?


Chalce: I’m sorry Sandi, I have to go. If I stay any longer you will kick me out and the cops will get me.


Shark: How did your date go, son?

Chalce: We are so over.


The next day…

Chalce: Let’s see… Today’s weather will be sunny with a pinch of clouds… Pigs will be able to learn to fly with the help of a new kind of mechanical wings… New world record in boot tossing… The French family has moved out of town… Wait, what?

FFFUUU!!! With no word at all, the Single Mom household moved out of the town. Arrghh!!


Chalce: Oh well, at least now I can search for someone who won’t show up late for dates.


And what Chalcedony finds, is Kaylynn Langerak.


Kay: Holy crap, a legacy founder! Oh yeah!

Chalce: This house is nice. At least she has standards.


I only brought Steven to find out Kay’s traits. I usually do that with potential spouses, with the help of the Observant lifetime reward.

Fun fact: Kay is missing a trait, something she has since her childhood. But the traits she has now are; Neat, Perfectionist & Hopeless Romantic.


Chalce: Look at me! I’m impersonating a celebrity. Because I can do that, since I’m a snob! :D


Chalce: Let’s do the chicken dance!


Kay: Hahaha! You’re funny kiddo.


Kay: Have a hug.

Chalce: Will you be my girlfriend?

Kay: …


Pollen: Squish you go, little grapes and apples.

Pollen’s garden is back, and over there you can see the new location for the meteors.


And Shark decides to retire from his career as a-

Silver: Yeti!

Well, no, it’s-


Gerbera: Yeti!

Holy crap, look at Mr Fantastic over there!

Chalce: I’m a superhero with confetti powers! :D

Um… International Super Spy it is.


Soon, it’s time for the heir to grow up.

Can you find Bella?


Chalce: I hope I turn into a pretty butterfly, otherwise Kay probably won’t be my girlfriend.


Chalce: What’s this nonsense? I still have no hair?

Shark & Steven: One of us. One of us.


Chalce: Oh yeah. I’m a star. And I have a mohawk.

Chalcedony rolled Kleptomaniac. Awesome.

Chalce: Maybe I can steal me a star… but it has to be orange.


Chalce: Hey Kay. (LOL) I’m now a teenager, which means we can make out.

Kay: R U Serious? :D


Kay: Let’s start with a nice hug.


Kay: So where’s the kiss?

Chalce: Don’t stress me, bb.




Kay: That. Was excellent.

Chalce: There’s more where that came from.


Pollen photobomb doing the dishes.

Oh, and Chalce & Kay are kissing.


Chalce: How do you like me now, bb?

Kay: You are wonderful, bb.

Can you find Bella?


Chalce: Let’s go steady please. I can’t stand it if you run off with someone else.


Kay: Of course, Chalcedony.

Bella: Way to rub it in my face you guys! I thought I had one foot in with the red. And why am I doing your dishes?

I dunno Bella. Besides, your eyes are way too big in a family that already has big eyes.

Until next time…

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